'Psychic' Coming-Of-Consciousness Party Curators Sit Down With HuffPost Gay Voices

The transcendental 'Psychic' party series is back for its Fall installment.

For almost three years now, a seasonal queer party series in Brooklyn's underground has acted as an amalgamation of the different shades and hues of the queer community navigating this outer NYC borough.

David Sokolowski and DJ Econ's "Psychic" party series is much more than an event to mark the change in our climates or an excuse to drink excessively. These parties are an experience -- and an experiment -- in queer community building and self-actualization that aim to transport their attendees to a higher spiritual plane.

And for years they've done just that, while continuing to change and evolve.

We've brought you many different installments of Psychic over the years -- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. For the 2015 Psychic Fall, curators Sokolowski and Econ sat down with HuffPost Gay Voices Deputy Editor JamesMichael Nichols for a candid conversation about Psychic and what exactly this queer experience has grown into and what it represents for the queer community of Brooklyn.

Check out the conversation above.

Video courtesy of Bill Pappas/Silly Productions and photos courtesy of Tinker Coalescing. Head here for more tickets and information or check out the slideshow below for photos of past Psychics.