Psychic Political Predictions for 2016 - World Peace? Hillary Elected?

I first met Tony Morris over a decade ago when we both lived in Louisville, Kentucky, and he was a successful executive with a large Fortune 500 company. Then a few years ago, Tony realized that he could no longer deny his gift. He worked to develop his gift and now works as an intuitive life coach and psychic medium in Santa Barbara, California. That's right, he went from corporate America to, well, the opposite of that!

At the end of the last three years, I've talked with Tony about my upcoming year. He's helped me navigate through some major career transitions. Tony predicted, to the day, when I would leave my job running the organization for gay conservatives I co-founded, GOProud. He told me that my first book would be published in 2015, and No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too) was published in October. He even predicted that I would be a Dole Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas last winter. Tony's good.

This year, I ask Tony to meditate about what we can all expect to happen in the upcoming year. I especially wanted to know about themes and predictions in politics and elections in 2016. Tony told me that he doesn't predict Derby winners, Oscar winners, lottery numbers, or elections, but he said that he would tell me what he saw happening and we could draw our own conclusions about election results.

Tony, what kind of year, as a country, are we going to have in 2016?

The theme that I am getting is world peace. I first picked up on this and wrote a blog post about it over a year ago, and it's really coming through now. When you look at situations around the world, it's not hard to believe that world peace will be a priority. Peace is the strong sentiment that will unite us beginning in 2016, and really gain momentum in 2017.

There is definitely going to be ongoing concern for safety. There will be a closer look and action in the area of security, not just lip service.

The economy moves in the right directions and is getting better. I feel like something will happen in the banking industry to really boost the economy. It could be a "farewell gift" from the Obama Administration for the banking industry. Maybe something to do with home mortgages.

We are going to see movement in our relations with China. I see a showdown in power, but it will involve a lot of agreement. Our leaders will come to terms. It seems like it could do with the treatment of people or human rights.

What are some of the issues that will be at the forefront in the upcoming election?

Gun violence will definitely be a big issue. Gun control proposals will gain momentum and be a big part of the national dialogue. Most voters will understand that those proposals won't apply to BB guns, hunting rifles, and other recreational firearms. The National Rifle Association (NRA) will not be able to dance around and avoid this national debate, even though they will want to. There will be a serious discussion about the weapons that some people stockpile for purposes other than recreation.

Along those lines, there will be a heightened awareness of homeland security. Of course there already is, but I'm picking up a focus on domestic, home-grown terrorism. I'm not trying to paint a portrait of fear, but it's been going on for a long time, and we will see a crack down on it.

Do you have any predictions for the presidential candidates? I have to ask!

I'm seeing Donald Trump continuing to be smug about the whole campaign. I see his arms up as if he's declaring victory. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll be elected, but he'll come to a point when he sees himself victorious in some way. He'll say to himself, "my work here is done."

I'm seeing a number of candidates on the playing field. There will be one major presidential candidate, a man, who will fall politically. When he falls, it will be a hard fall - a career-ending fall. Stopped in his tracks. Done.

Hillary Clinton is part of my vision having to do with the peace effort. I first saw that back in 2014, even before she was a candidate for president. She will have a leadership role, in some capacity, working with world leaders. I also see a middle-eastern man working with her. I guess we'll see what her role is, but she's going to be involved in some capacity.

The mood of the country around the election won't be care-free. Everyone will be engaged in the process. There will be a new wave of voters, and more voter registration and participation. The person who comes out on top isn't going to be a mastermind, but someone who can bring the nation and world together. After the election, there will be a groundswell of support and unity, "let's do this." I'm hearing, "screw party lines, let's come together and do this."

What are your other political/election predictions?

There will be people leaving office. Incumbents will be voted out. I'm seeing voters saying, "Go! Leave!" We will see grown men cry! Some of the longer serving politicians in Washington will be leaving.

There will be one senior member of Congress who will pass away, and there will be an unexpected seat to fill.

I'm hearing that I should say this - Voters should do their own homework in finding the true facts. Become more informed on your own, instead of relying on partisan soundbites and talking points. Each of us should take ownership in this election and educate ourselves.

Any predictions for after the election?

There will be a new industry, organization, or entity of some type being developed. This is a world class organization led by a woman. They are taking recruits to be "delegates." I am seeing people applying and teams being assembled to really take on an issue. It's a problem that should have been addressed sooner. It's part of a new initiative of the new administration.

World peace. I can't emphasize enough how strong the sentiment for peace will be in uniting Americans and the world in 2016 and 2017.

You can follow Tony on Twitter at @TonyMorris20. It sure will be interesting to see if he's right about what we should expect in the upcoming year!