The Great Pubic Debate: 'If You Don't Like My Hair, Stay Away From My Vagina' (VIDEO)

It's a burning question: are we expected to shave down there or is okay to keep it all natural?

HuffPost Live posed this question to a few student columnists and found at Brown University in Rhode Island, it's perfectly fine to go with the latter.

"At Brown, because students are really -- really advocate feeling comfortable with your body, there's less of a stigma in keeping your pubic hair the way it naturally is," said Caroline Bologna, a Brown senior.

Bologna doesn't need to ask around to know what other women at doing with their hair styling. There are several events each year at Brown that allow for a glimpse of how students are grooming, including naked yoga at Nudity in the Upspace and the annual naked donut run.

"You'd be surprised how many female students do not shave or wax down there," Bologna said.

Emily Pittinos from the University of Michigan said she's finding as she grows older, it's less of an issue than say, when she was a senior in high school.

"Now that I'm more of an adult, grown up woman," Pittinos said, "I feel like if you don't like my hair, then stay away from my vagina."

Watch a portion of discussion in the video above, or click here to see the entire segment.