You'll Want This Huge Bong Disguised As A Coffee Mug After Seeing It Used In Public

Stoned brew is about to be the next big thing.
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Many Americans need coffee every morning, while others have developed waking needs that may not be inside of the law in all 50 states. Although the need for keeping these desires hidden seems to be quickly vaporizing into the dank air, those who fall into the latter category may now be able to more easily pass themselves off as simple, law-abiding joe drinking Joes.

"Coffee mug water pipe" makers IronMan Design told The Huffington Post that their "pipe" can be used to smoke regular or shisha tobacco, the kind commonly found in hookahs. That said, they also told HuffPost that the product is modeled after the coffee-mug bong from "The Cabin in the Woods," a similarity that io9 pointed out. Go to their website, and you'll find only smoking tobacco is mentioned in the product description, but the original movie version was certainly about getting "stoned."

IronMan Design has recently released a couple videos featuring YouTube prankster Eric Bert -- who is not an employee -- where Bert asks for a seemingly innocuous light while holding the mug in its compact form before whipping out the secret extension. A GIF from the most recent video went viral on Reddit earlier Tuesday.

 You can watch the original below, while IronMan Design said that the third installment would be coming "sometime late this week or early next week." 


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