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Public Breastfeeding Experiment Reveals How People Really Feel About It

"Feed your f**kin' baby somewhere else!"

It's no secret women are often shamed and harassed for breastfeeding in public. This "social experiment" from the prank-based YouTube channel Trollstation reveals how strangers react when they witness these occurrences firsthand.

In the video, a woman breastfeeds with a cover while riding the Tube in London. She is quickly confronted by a male passenger who says her nursing is making him feel "uncomfortable" and demands she stop "exposing" herself or move to another train car.

While she argues that she's simply feeding her baby, his exasperation escalates as he spouts out more comments like "Could you not express or something before you came on here?"; "At least cover up a little bit better then!"; "Irish people don't expose themselves like this."; "Feed your baby before you come out!"; "I feel uncomfortable. Please respect my wishes." and "Feed your f**kin' baby somewhere else!"

As the two argue, their fellow passengers chime in, defending the woman, suggesting the man change cars and even moving to sit near her for her protection. After a few minutes of back and forth, the cameraman appears and reveals it was all a set-up.

While both the "breastfeeding mom" and her harasser are actors from Trollstation (and there is actually no real baby under that cover), the strangers on the subway are not, and after the cameraman reveals himself, they share their thoughts on the situation.

A female passenger says she thought the man's behavior was "despicable," and the "hero" who defended the woman most fervently receives high praise.

Staged or not, it's good to see strangers step up to defend parents who are just trying to take care of their children.

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