Public Confidence Hits New Low For President Obama (POLL)

Nearly six in ten voters say they have little or no confidence in President Obama's ability to make the right decisions for the United States, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday.

The finding from the survey marks a new low in faith for the president and appears to be the result of how the public views Obama's handling of economic issues.

According to the poll, the president maintains a 50 percent overall approval rating; however, when it comes to the economy, 54 percent say they disapprove of how Obama is doing his job.

Despite the dismal numbers, the president still boasts higher marks from the public than both Democratic and Republican members of Congress. Sixty-eight percent of Americans signaled they lack confidence in Democrats' ability to govern, while 72 percent expressed the same of Republicans.

Gary Langer at ABC News explains what the numbers may mean for the upcoming midterm elections:

While Democrats are most at risk, the danger's not theirs alone. Registered voters by 62-26 percent are inclined to look around for someone new for Congress rather than to re-elect their current representative - the broadest anti-incumbency on record in ABC/Post polls since 1989. Backing for incumbents has lost 11 points since February, an unusually steep decline.