Public Outcry in Turkey Over the Brutal Slaying of a Woman

Özgecan Aslan was found on the 13th of February 2015 in a riverbed in the Tarsus district of the southern province of Mersin, Turkey. The 20-year-old psychology student at Çağ University allegedly resisted a rape attempt only to be stabbed, hit with an iron pipe and have her fingers cut off before being burned and having her body discarded. Three men are in the custody of Turkish police in connection with this brutal killing.

The Turkish Prime Minister has promised to punish those responsible for this killing.

Thousands of women have rallied in Istanbul, Ankara and Mersin to protest against the inefficacy of Turkey's ruling party in dealing with violence against women.

Almost 300 women were killed in 2014 in Turkey in gender-related homicides, while only in January 2015 there 27 gender-related murders, half of them being the result of domestic violence.