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Your palms are sweaty and you somehow have to use the bathroom even though you already went. You can feel your face getting flushed and your stomach in knots as you look across the crowded room. You’re not dying ― that’s just glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking.

It happens to most of us at some point or another — whether you’re reading a report in your middle school English class or proposing a business idea in front of company executives. In fact, experts say nervousness when speaking in front of a group is totally normal. But they also say you can overcome that anxiety with practice and preparation, and this Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course can get your started.

This 16-hour course, taught by award-winning business school professor, venture capitalist and Columbia University MBA graduate Chris Haroun, sets you up for success when it comes to public speaking. Across 206 lectures, you’ll uncover all of Haroun’s tips, tricks and exercises to deliver an amazing speech every time. You’ll start with identifying and understanding your audience, then walk through what to include in your presentation and how to structure it, and ultimately learn how to clarify your points and command a crowd.

As an added bonus, everyone who enrolls in this class automatically gains access to 25 speech guides and more than 50 slide templates for all sorts of different speaking occasions. It’s like having your own speech-writing tutor.

This course would normally cost you $200, but right now you can enroll for just $15 and learn to ditch your fear and impress at the podium.

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