8 Things That Never Go Through Your Head While Riding Public Transportation

8 Things That Never Go Through Your Head While Riding The Subway

There's nothing quite like the joy of riding public transportation.

Sure, riding the subway or bus has its benefits: it's convenient, cheap and better for the environment ... But seriously, what is that smell? And who's touching me? And don't even tell me that sign says there's a 30-minute delay.

Here are 8 things that never go through your head while riding public transportation:

This is going quicker than expected!

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No delays or construction at all!

People! Glorious people everywhere!

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So many fellow passengers. Passengers to lean on, to listen to, to share air, sweat and smells with!

Hey, something smells really great!

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What is that heavenly aroma? It could be the four course meal that woman is eating, or perhaps the body odor of the man who is well within your personal space.

Oh, someone left a present!

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Look, it's a random dirty sock. An open crust-filled pizza box. Oh, and a good samaritan decided to leave their half-filled coffee cup for the rest of the passengers. They even tipped it over and let the liquid run the length of the car so that we could all see what was inside, because some people like their coffee black. So thoughtful.

Everyone here is so considerate!

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No, dude, you stay comfortable just where you are. Keep doing you, that's what America is all about!

The pole I'm holding feels clean as a whistle!

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Nope, nothing sticky or oily or oh-God-what-is-that-can't-pull-my-hand-away-fast-enough. No germs here, no sir!

Great, someone is sharing their music with all the passengers!

What a terrifically thoughtful and selfless gesture. You forgot your headphones and were just thinking, "Gosh, I wish I'd brought my music." This individual heard your cry and came to your tinny-speakered, beat-dropping rescue.

Please, someone start performing some type of act!

Once in a while someone on the train does a routine and you're genuinely impressed. And you've got to admire them putting themselves out there. But early in the morning or late at night, you just want some quiet.

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