Publix And Wegmans Are Tied For America's Favorite Grocery Store

Trader Joe's surprised us all.
The battle is on. 
The battle is on. 

Wegmans and Publix are tied for America’s favorite grocery store, according to a 12,700-person study conducted by Market Force, a company focused on consumer experience.

Participants in the online survey ranked the stores based on a Customer Loyalty Index, according to a press release. The index looks at a customer’s satisfaction with their last shopping experience at a grocery store and whether or not they would refer the store to others.

Wegmans (a chain based in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic) and Publix (which is based in the South) each scored a 77 percent rating. Trader Joe’s came in second, followed by the Texas chain H-E-B. Last year, Wegmans took home the top spot by itself, beating out the longtime winner, Trader Joe’s.

Below are the top 15:

1. Publix and Wegmans

2. Trader Joe’s

3. H-E-B

4. Aldi

5. Harris Teeter

6. Hy-Vee Food Stores

7. Costco

8. WinCo Foods

9. Whole Foods

10. Fry’s

11. Kroger

12. Target

13. Winn-Dixie Stores

14. ShopRite

15. Food Lion

The complete ranking of grocery stores is below, with Walmart coming in last place:

The complete rankings based on the Composite Loyalty Index Score. 
The complete rankings based on the Composite Loyalty Index Score. 

When the grocery stores were ranked by attributes, Publix topped the fast checkout, availability of items, ease of finding items and store cleanliness categories.

Wegmans only topped the speciality department service category, but came in second on availability and ease of finding items.

A grocery store ranking based on attributes.
A grocery store ranking based on attributes.

Perhaps the tie would’ve been broken if participants ate a delicious Publix sub and then took the survey.

Ah, National Hoagie Day. Pick your toppings and celebrate accordingly. Link to order in our bio. #pubsub

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Case closed.

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