Pucker Up: Ukrainian Journalist Who Kissed Will Smith Lands in L.A.

When Vitalii Sediuk (Віталій Седюк) gave Kylie Minogue a bottle of fresh goat's milk, the поп-икон -- or pop icon, if you prefer -- was delighted, to judge by a video of the encounter. But things didn't go as well for the Ukrainian TV journalist when he handed Madonna a flower just before a press conference at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. She tucked it under the table and (in)famously whispered to a fellow actor, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas."

Things went even further downhill when he kissed Will Smith on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. Both the Madonna and Will Smith incidents spawned videos that went viral.

Now, in a surprising twist, Sediuk has moved to L.A. But why? For details, see The Hollywood Reporter.

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