Pudding Replacing Cupcakes as New Trend

Don't get me wrong, I love me some cupcakes. They're tasty, rightly proportioned and honestly, cute. But as many trends go, it's just about time for them to make their leave. Not completely, as I'm sure many a tear will shed if local bakery faves go away (I personally, have a soft spot in my heart for Pubcakes in San Diego) but as time marches on, so does our attention span, and my prediction for the next sweet-shop craze is pudding.

Yup, pudding. That custard-y thing you looked forward to at the end of your lunch as a child. Well, I believe it's making a comeback and here's why; it's simple, it's sweet, and like cupcakes, pretty easy to eat. Also like cupcakes, the flavors can be as basic as chocolate or vanilla, or as complicated as caramel macchiato.

Evidence to my theory can be found in an article in the HuffPost Women's section, which features Clio Goodman, a pudding chef who recently opened up Puddin' by Clio. It's exactly what you think it is; a shop dedicated entirely to pudding. But not just the regular, J-E-L-L to the O stuff, it's fancy pudding. It's cute pudding. It's fun pudding. According to the article, on her first day, Goodman sold out in an hour and half! Pudding flavors include coffee, lemon, coconut and toppings like salted caramel sauce, maple-toasted granola and brownie pieces. Since I live too far away to try this new hot-spot, I'm living vicariously through the photos and putting it on my to-do list for the next time I'm in New York, and to be honest, on my bucket-list for life.

Another example of my pudding theory is Rice to Riches; also in New York, this one is purely rice pudding, it's trendy, and wildly popular. As many cool New York restaurants and trends go, I believe it's just a matter of time before shops like these trickle their way through the rest of the country. I mean, imagine the possibilities; organic pudding, tapioca pudding, pudding pies, pudding at weddings! Heck, Cupcake Wars might even start a spin-off called 'Pudding Wars'. I can see it now...