Puerto Rico Indie Launches New Series Of Music Videos

In a recent press release PuertoRicoIndie.com issued the following statement:

PuertoRicoIndie.com announces the launch of their first series of web video, Archipiélago. The series aims to document the indie sounds in Puerto Rico, through studio sessions of some of the most promising and experienced performers, without enclosing itself in a particular genre.

Archipiélago has aired three episodes to date, of a total of twelve planned for the first season of this 2012 proyect. Each episode is dedicated to an artist or band of the local scene, and encompasses the recording of a couple of themes as part of interview segments.

On their first edition launched in December 2011, the Progressive Rock trio Campo-Formio shared several of their favorite songs from their discography - but it was the surprise recording of their unpublished theme "La Mocosa" that transformed the episode into an essential experience for the band's followers, and helped define Archipiélago's unique proposal.

Since then, Puerto Rico Indie has published episodes dedicated to Experimental Rock quartet Tach.dé, and the music of singer-songwriter MIMA - who interpreted an acoustic version of "Oigo Voices" for the series, an original theme from Rita Indiana. Archipiélago's next episode will feature Dávila 666, a group that last year transcended the local scene, and has gained recognition through international press and a worldwide tour.

In their interview for Archipiélago, Tach.dé band members spoke about the quality of the independent proyects in Puerto Rico, and the need to document them properly. "There is a lot of hidden talent that people have yet to discover", voiced Pachy García (bass, keyboards, vocals); while Daniel Sierra (percussion, vocals) added "the problem is that it has never expanded enough, and it's a pity... I think it is changing now - finally everything is being docummented as it is supposed to be."

It was precisely with that end, to document Puerto Rico's independent scene, that PuertoRicoIndie.com first came to life three years ago, and now the video series, Archipiélago.


Visit puertoricoindie.com/sesiones and youtube.com/puertoricoindie to enjoy Archipiélago's episodes and keep track of the series updates through our social networks twitter.com/puertoricoindie and facebook.com/puertoricoindie.

*Photo Credits: Puerto Rico Indie stills, and MIMA's photo by Adrián Richner for Puerto Rico Indie.