Puff iPhone App Simulates Looking Up Girls' Skirts (VIDEO)

*See video below*

For all of you out there who like looking up girls' skirts: there's an app for that.

The interactive Puff! iPhone app from BottleCube lets you "blow" up cute Japanese girls' skirts by blowing on the mic of your phone or tapping with your finger. The harder you blow, the higher the skirt -- and the girl's squeal.

One reviewer, who gave the app five stars, wrote:

"I'm getting lightheaded just blowing up the girls skirts [sic]."

According to the description on iTunes, the first version of the app features three girls to "be blow away by you in various situations," including at the office, in a park, and at a bar.

Apparently, "Winning a special bonus is all up to you!" Hmm....

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