Puff Pastry Recipes For Appetizers, Pizzas And Dinners

It's not just for baking sweets.

Puff pastries, those frozen slabs of dough that have become better known as freezer staples rather than baked goods made from scratch, are a versatile food. As its name implies, puff pastry makes for an excellent base for a slew of desserts -- tartlets, strudels, pies and more. Even more professional-looking treats, such as palmiers, can be made with this miracle dough.

But puff pastry isn't just for baking sweets. Its buttery flavor and flakey texture can make for the perfect jumping-off point for inventive dinner recipes. Stuff puff pastry squares for a fluffier take on "lasagna" or top them with tomatoes for a light pizza.

Check out the tastiest puff pastry dinner recipes we could track down:

Baked Eggs With Potatoes In Puff Pastry Cups

Puff Pastry Dinners

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