Get Rid Of A Puffy Face, Wrinkles And Stress With This (Kind Of) Genius YouTube Video

Yoga For Your Face?

While this isn't the newest YouTube beauty tutorial out there, it's new to us. Admittedly, it was the boppy karaoke-style music that caught our attention, but it was the solid beauty tips that made us stay.

Readers, meet Elisa Sung. In what we're appropriating as "Yoga For Your Face," Sung, who's an "artist, painter and YouTube makeup guru!" according to her Twitter account, teaches us how to reduce puffiness and fine lines, clear sinuses, relieve stress and tighten skin, all in about three minutes.

Sung starts off by highlighting a few of her favorite face massage oils: grape seed, rose hip and the Korean-made Any Oil 21 (you can find it on Amazon).

Though she never specifically tells us where she picked up all these tips (she did later leave a comment that it was culled from various Korean celebrities, magazines and books), we can tell you that we engagingly watched along and our faces are better for it. (We'll take the liberty of clarifying that when Sung says "you'll feel a few bumps," she referring to improving circulation.) By the video's end, we felt a little less puffier-looking, sculpted even. If anything, giving yourself a few minutes in the morning or evening to massage your face will, by default, help you chill out a little.

Check out the video above, then see our picks for the best face oil to get the job done. Have you found any enlightening beauty videos on YouTube recently? Send 'em over to

S.W. Basics Clove Body Oil, $12

De-Puffing Face Massage

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