All This Pug Puppy Wants In Life Is To Go For A Ride On Tiny Scooter

One day, pup, one day.

We don't think this little pooch will be owning a Vespa of his own anytime soon.

A video uploaded to YouTube features a pug puppy in Udon Thani, Thailand, attempting to join his bigger pug friend on what appears to be a toy scooter. To make matters cuter, the scooter is being pulled by another small motorcycle, driven by an adorable boy is taking his ride very seriously.

The clip was shared on social media by Viral Hog, but ended up generating quite a bit of attention across the Interwebs when it was shared on Unilad's Facebook page, where generating more than 3 million views. You don't have to do much analysis to see why the video is so popular. Adorable kid + chill dog + pug puppy = a serious recipe for success.

Just observe the adorableness in action. The puppy tries and tries to get back on the scooter but the other dog is all DGAF. Meanwhile the child, who starts the ride off excited, quickly gets down to business, keeping his eyes glued to the road.

We'll never know if the pup ever gets to ride out his dreams, but we are sure that this little trio has stolen our hearts.

If this video has inspired you to get a little ride-or-die pup of your own, consider adopting a rescue pet. The ASPCA is a great place to start your search!

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