Pug Reunited With Owner Almost 3 Years After He Went Missing

A pug with a reputation for being an "escape artist" of sorts has been reunited with his family after being found tied to a pole in Chicago.

The 8-year-old pug, named Prince Charming, ran away from home about three years ago but turned up on Monday when police responded to a call that a dog had been tied to a pole outside a laundromat for almost five hours, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Prince Charming was taken to the Felines & Canines animal shelter, where his microchip was scanned, revealing his owner is Cristina Parrilla. Parrilla now lives in the Washington, D.C. area, but her mother still lives in Chicago and came in to pick up the pug. Their joyful reunion, shared on the shelter's Facebook page, was a real tearjerker.

An adoption counselor at the shelter, Paula Grabow, told NBC Chicago the dog appeared to have been eating well wherever he was while he was missing -- he was overweight and "looked pretty sad" -- but noted that he perked up almost instantly when he saw his "grandmother."

Abby Smith, Felines and Canines executive director, added to HuffPost that the shelter was very thankful the pug had been microchipped, otherwise the reunion would likely never have happened.

Prince Charming is now heading back to Parrilla. Here's hoping he and his family live happily ever after.

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