You've Never Loved Anything Like This Fox Cub Loves His Stuffed Bunny

Orphaned Puggle is getting rehabilitated so he can one day go back to the wild.
Puggle, an orphaned fox cub, snuggles with a stuffed rabbit at the U.K.'s National Fox Welfare Society.
Puggle, an orphaned fox cub, snuggles with a stuffed rabbit at the U.K.'s National Fox Welfare Society.

What’s cuter than a fox cub?

“Nothing,” you’re probably thinking. But what about a fox cub who loves a stuffed bunny?

Puggle was found in a London garden in March. The people who found him brought him to the RSPCA, who took him to the National Fox Welfare Society on March 15. The group nurses injured or abandoned foxes with the goal of releasing them back into the wild when they are ready.

Puggle was only two weeks old when he was found, so he needed a lot of special care.

National Fox Welfare Society director Martin Hemmington told SWNS news agency that if an orphaned fox comes in alone, he gives the young animal a stuffed toy for comfort.


"When foxes come in a group, they've got each other for company but when they're on their own it's nice to give them something to cuddle up to,” he said. "I give them a teddy, a hot water bottle and a clock, which is like a heart beat of their mum.”

While most young foxes appreciate the amenities, Puggle loves his bunny “more than usual,” Hemmington said.

"One minute he'll cuddle up to it then he'll go to the toilet on it and the next minute he's throwing it around and playing with it, our washing machine has been in overdrive,” he told SWNS.

After photos of the doe-eyed Puggle started stealing hearts online, the fox rescue group has clarified on Facebook that the little guy doesn’t always look so darn sad.

“Most of the photos I have taken of Puggle are after he has eaten and after he has had his mad ten minutes,” said an April update on a photo album of Puggle. “This then enables me to get some photos of him before he has his nap. This has led a few to believe that little Puggle has very sad eyes and must be sad. So today I thought I would get some photos of Puggle in his ten minute crazy mode.”

We think Puggle is adorable no matter what, but it’s nice seeing him look a little more cheerful.

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