"Pullin' a Palin" Now In The Urban Dictionary

Sarah Palin continues to be a dynamic cultural figure as much as a political one. The Alaska Governor, who announced her impending resignation from office last week, is now the inspiration for a new piece of slang. The phrase, "Pullin' a Palin," is currently defined by urbandictionary.com as:

1. Quitting when the going gets tough; abandoning the responsibility entrusted to you by your neighbors for book advances and to make money on the lecture circuit.

2. Bizarre move that will damn ambitions for higher office.

"I bet when people saw Jade they were convinced that David Caruso was pullin' a Palin."

The entry was filed by the user "No One Likes a Quitter" on Wednesday and actually represents the second Palin-related phrase on the site. "Pull a Palin," which was entered after the 2008 vice presidential debate, is defined by Urban Dictionary as: "To avoid answering questions directly because you don't know the answer, or you don't want the person to [whom you are] talking to knowing the real answer, and talking about another subject you do know something about, or something to flatter or distract the other person, instead."

This type of small-bore snark is good fodder for the partisans. For sober-minded Palin supporters, the worry has to be that the soon-to-be-former governor will be permanently defined as the butt of the political joke.

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