'Missoula' New Puma Cub Makes Debut at Berlin Zoo

A baby cub was introduced to the German public yesterday, the first cub in 22 years to be born at Berlin's Tierpark zoo. "Missoula" who was born almost 2 months ago, was the only surviver from the litter of 3 cubs.

The cub is being raised by zoo staff because the mother puma, Cheyenne, rejected all of her previous cubs.

Christian Kern the zoo's Mammal Curator, said "We are excited about this puma cub because it's the first one growing up at Berlin's Tierpark in 22 years. The last successful birth and upbringing was in December 1990. Since then, we had births but they were not successful because the cubs had to be born by Caesarian section and they did not survive."

Missoula already has a fan following and the zoo expects a jump in attendance. The cub who weighs 7 pounds, is already starting to eat beef and mice and in the coming months, her spotted fur will slowly turn reddish brown.

Watch the video above, and see more adorable photos of baby animals below!

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