PUMA's iPhone App: Stripper Stock Ticker, Market Drops, Clothes Drop (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


PUMA's just launched the most fun stock ticker yet: the PUMA Index.

The app combines a real stock ticker with a little twist: stripping models. As the market goes down, the models' clothes come off.

Losing money's never been so fun.

PUMA's YouTube ad (watch below!) explains:

"The clothes come off, and the colder the market gets, the hotter out index gets."

"So now if you lose your shirt, the models do too."

There's a PUMA Index for the Dow, the DAX, and the S&P/ASX, along with a different girl for each (or a muscled hunk on a hotrod if you'd prefer)

And in between market activity they're still busy--washing cars in their underwear, jumping on trampolines.

Blackberry-toting bankers needn't feel left out: there's a web version at, that's (full disclosure) a partnership between the HuffPost and PUMA.

Talk about a market stimulus.


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