Pumpkin Carving Ideas: 6 Awesome And Unusual Jack-O-Lantern Patterns For Halloween (PHOTOS)

Forget carving pumpkins with two triangles and a crooked smile -- this year, we're making pumpkin creations based on our favorite pop culture phenoms, including a Mockingjay pumpkin and a Biebs-o-lantern. With a good carving knife, a creative stencil and a little help from your friends, a jack-o-lantern can become a work of art.

We found six pumpkin stencils based on our favorite TV shows, movies and celebs for Halloween that are perfect to make with the family or to challenge your friends to a serious carving contest (trust us, the "Mitt Zombie" won't be easy). Click through the slideshow below to view these unusual jack-o-lanterns, and head over to Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils for more cool designs.

Will you be carving pumpkins this year? Which fictional character or celeb would you most like to have a pumpkin of? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



6 Crazy Jack-O-Lanterns To Make This Halloween