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10 Times Instagram Gave You The Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving tends to be one of those Halloween traditions you either love or hate -- you either have the most impressive, "How long did they spend on that?!"-inducing creation on the block, or you paint on a smiley face and call it a day. If you fall in the latter category the good news is you no longer need a book of pre-perforated designs to convince you to give carving another go. Just scroll through the real-life examples below and you might soon be considering carving tools a worthwhile investment.

1. Stay on the surface and focus on the details.

2. Pay tribute to your favorite movie...

3. ... Or author...

4. ... Or Disney character.

5. Make your caffeinated beverage brand preference known.

6. Embrace the "Day of the Dead" spirit.

7. Opt for different colored lighting sources.

8. Keep it culturally-relevant with an emoji-approved design.

9. Carve only a smile and add on the rest.

10. Just don't be afraid to be a little spontaneous.

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