You Can Make Pumpkin Pie Brownies IN A SKILLET

Hello beautiful, beautiful thing.

Want to prolong pumpkin pie season for as long as possible? Of course you do.

You could keep whipping up those classic pumpkin pies with butter crusts that show face around Thanksgiving time. No, there'd be nothing wrong with that. But you might also consider making these pumpkin pie brownies. Yes. They are made in a skillet, and everything in a skillet tastes better -- or is at least more fun to eat. Here:

These orange-swirled beauties come from blogger The Cookie Rookie. They get their richness from cream cheese, their sweetness from cocoa powder and chocolate chips and their vibrant charm from pumpkin, of course. You could eat them straight out of the skillet with a fork. You could delicately cut a slice and serve a piece to somebody you love. Or you could eat this stunner a la mode, like so:

However you decide to eat this, make sure to do it with a smile. You are eating pumpkin pie brownies made in a skillet, for goodness sake! Get the whole recipe from The Cookie Rookie here.

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