How To Make Your Own Damn Pumpkin Spice Latte For $1

PTL for the PSL!

It's not even technically fall yet, but the frenzy for pumpkin spice lattes has indeed begun. Starbucks released PSLs early, on August 25, causing a major Twitter freakout of rabid PSL drinkers. And apparently, consumers are yearning for just about everything to be flavored with pumpkin spice (which, by the way, contains zero pumpkins) -- even Oreos are on the PSL train.

However -- a venti PSL at Starbucks costs $4.95, and contains 510 calories, 20 grams of fat and 62 grams of sugar. Not to mention, most Starbucks baristas can't even tell you what's in a pumpkin spice latte. And to be frank, the Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts versions don't even taste that great.

To save yourself $4 and the stress of not knowing what the hell is in your damn PSL, learn how to make your own.

You won't believe how easy -- and how superiorly delicious -- this version made with honey and pumpkin pie spice is. Check out the video above to see our slight modification of BrokeAss Gourmet's amazing recipe. (We used a mason jar to froth our milk instead of a whisk.)

PTL for the PSL!

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