We Like The New Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Even Though They Smell Like A Candle

New Pumpkin Spice Oreos Smell Like A Candle, But We Like Them Anyway

Every year as fall encroaches, the heads of food manufacturers meet at a secret Pumpkin Spice Convention to discuss the kinds of "edible" products they intend to inject with artificial pumpkin spice flavor.

These flavor scientists have introduced pumpkin spice Pringles (preposterous), pumpkin spice seltzer (inexplicable) and pumpkin spice gum (sad) to our planet. In a post-Pumpkin Spice Latte world, anything is possible.

Most recently, the folks at Nabisco made sure the calendar didn't turn a page without making their own pumpkin spice mark. Enter the Pumpkin Spice Oreo.

Needless to say, the editors at HuffPost Taste were equal parts skeptic and irked when we received a sample of these cookies in the mail. We can find no reason to tamper with something as deliciously-iconic as the original Oreo (Oreo tinkering has upset us in the past).

The package art of these limited edition cookies insinuated that the creme filling would be the color of nuclear toxic waste.


But, upon lifting the seal, we were pleasantly surprised to see the orange was not as advertised. The orange was darker and more pumpkin-tinted -- closer to something one might find in nature.

pumpkin 2

The "spice" part of pumpkin spice overtook as soon as we peeled open the product. "Smells like a candle!," one editor declared. The cookie most certainly does. This package reeked of that distinctive cinnamony scent -- the one that pervades every trinket store and Pinterest-y apartment the moment the first leaf falls from a branch in September.

Fortunately, the candle perfume doesn't bleed over into the actual taste of the cookie. Our editors were mostly delighted, though, much like Starbuck's famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, the cookies lack actual pumpkin. "They taste more gingerbready than pumpkin piey, but I'm OK with that," one editor said. "The smell was way stronger than the taste," said another. "It's not too sweet, and the pumpkin flavors are mild, not overpowering at all."


The blonde-colored cookies reminded editors of cookies they've eaten in the past. The creme-filling is definitely less familiar, and had a sweet but in-attributable flavor.

While these cookies look and smell different than the original black and white Oreo, they perform just the same. When twisted open, the creme filling sticks to the inside of one of the cookies. And that classic, inner-cookie grid gets imprinted on the soft stuff.


We are shocked to admit we enjoyed snacking on these trendy little numbers. You win this time, pumpkin spice.

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