QUIZ: Which Punctuation Mark Are You?

QUIZ: Which Punctuation Mark Are You?
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1. Ah! After a hectic day, you finally have a couple minutes to yourself. How do you relax?

a. Head to the gym or maybe pull out that worn-out yoga mat. Nothing like some positive energy to get your spirit back up!
b. Curl up on the couch with a good book.
c. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some homemade chocolate chip cookies.
d. Blast some oldies and dance a solo.
e. Sleep. Enough said.

2. Where would your dream vacation take place?

a. Somewhere exciting, like the jungles of Costa Rica
b. A big city with lots of interesting people, like Berlin
c. A place with lots of history and ruins to explore, like Greece
d. Having a nice, romantic picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower
e. A tropical place where you could lay back and relax from your crazy day-to-day, like Hawaii
f. You're more of a homebody, but a road trip someplace low-key with your best friend would be fun

3. Think back to your kindergarten days. You were the type of kid that would most likely get in trouble for...

a. Your big mouth
b. Doodling all over the desk
c. Not paying attention
d. Paying attention, but choosing not to follow the rules
e. Nothing. You'd never get in trouble at school.

4. You're on your way home, trip over an old bottle of some sort and out comes a magical genie. What is your first wish?

a. Something small, but sweet for your family and friends
b. A lifetime supply of wealth -- you'd never have to worry about money again!
c. World peace
d. Fame
e. More wishes, duh!

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

a. Aggressive drivers
b. Catching typos in magazines
c. People who don't stand up for what they believe in
d. Disorganized people trying (and failing) to get organized
e. Watching movie trailers that sound EXACTLY like the last movie you saw

6. How would you describe yourself when working in a group?

a. The leader of the pack
b. The glue -- you like to make sure everyone is on the same page
c. The conflict manager
d. The quiet one taking notes
e. The daydreamer
f. The creative one always coming up with new ideas

7. If you were an ice cream flavor, which flavor would you be?

a. Something really out there, like rainbow sherbet
b. Vanilla: classy and dependable
c. Chocolate: young at heart
d. Strawberry: sweet and lovable
e. Coffee flavored: full of flavor and charm

8. It's been a bad day. How do you cope?

a. Analyze, analyze, analyze
b. Take a nice walk outside to clear your head and then rethink the situation
c. Talk it out with a close friend
d. Spend some time alone doing something you enjoy
e. Approach the problem from the root ASAP, communication is key!

9. How do you feel about reality TV shows?

a. Love 'em!
b. Guilty pleasure.
c. Not a big fan.
d. Oh God, no...

(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4
(e) 5
(f) 6

The Exclamation Point (9-11 points):
You are bubbly, excitable and the life of the party. You will not be ignored or brushed off. You always demand to be taken seriously but don't always succeed in this.
Grammarly Handbook: Exclamation marks impart an excitement which may distract the reader from the information.

The Period (12-14 points):
You are confident and seen as the one with answers, the go-to when in need of advice. You choose your words carefully and when you speak, your thoughts and ideas are matter-of-fact.
Grammarly Handbook: It's final: nothing is up for debate.

The Question Mark (15-17 points):
It's no wonder you took this quiz, you are always on the lookout for answers! You are the philosophical type, always curious about the world around you and eager for new experiences and knowledge.
Grammarly Handbook: A question mark is, naturally, a mark which shows the sentence is a question.

The Comma (18-20 points):
You prefer the behind-the-scenes lifestyle over the limelight. You are known for being a gentle soul, yet intelligent, sincere, and always eager to help. Your worker bee attitude makes a big difference and we in the grammar world appreciate that!
Grammarly Handbook: A comma is a "soft stop".

The Colon (21-23 points):
You're strong-willed and absolutely determined. Passion is important to you and you dedicate yourself 100% in all you do. Some may mistake that as stubbornness, but let's be honest, you know what you're talking about, Colon!
Grammarly Handbook: The colon makes the first part of the sentence unimportant.

The Semicolon (24-26 points):
Classy, friendly, and sweet. You like to put other people's happiness before your own. Your easy-going personality makes you the perfect go-to person for advice and you are always willing to help a friend in need.
Grammarly Handbook: If used properly, semicolons can add a pleasing continuity to your work.

Apostrophe (27-29 points):
You're a natural born leader. Your inner strength and independent nature inspires those around you. Power, enthusiasm, and influence are all words that describe you.
Grammarly Handbook: The apostrophe wields amazing power.

The Quotation Mark (30-32 points):
You have a deep appreciation for culture and the arts. Whether you're a history buff or always dreaming of the future, you have probably felt like you were born in the wrong decade at least once or twice.
Grammarly Handbook: They show things that have been (or will be) said in another place or another time.

The Dash (33-35 points):
You are always full of new ideas and fun thoughts. Inventive and resourceful, you know how to keep yourself and those around you entertained.
Grammarly Handbook: You can use a dash whenever you need to wake your reader up.

The Hyphen (36 points and above):
You are the introverted, artsy type that everybody wants to know more about. You like to organize your life the way you like your indie films: meaningful and well-balanced.
Grammarly Handbook: Hyphens are invaluable for expressing yourself in unique ways.

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