Pop Punk Singer Appears To Forcefully Kick Woman Off Stage

Toronto's Mod Club, where The Story So Far performed Sunday, has since banned the group.

This wasn't part of the act.

In a moment captured on video Sunday at Toronto's Mod Club (watch at the 30-second mark), a pop punk band singer appears to forcefully kick a woman off the stage.

Spin reported that an "overzealous" fan got up on stage to seemingly take a selfie, and The Story So Far's Parker Cannon kicked her from behind, "causing her to fall face-first into the crowd."

The club banned the group, Billboard reported, calling the incident "cowardly."

"On behalf of the venue we are appalled by the actions of the singer and do not condone these actions by anyone," Mod Club general manager Jorge Dias said in a statement, per Billboard. "There was no report of injuries and the venue will not allow the band to play the venue again for their actions. I have never imagined and never seen anything like that at the venue in 14 years in operation. That was a very cowardly act."

Cannon's vigorous response to what appears to be a non-threatening intrusion lit up social media, with at least one fan saying there was "no excuse."

The Huffington Post reached out to the California-based band through several channels but had yet to hear back as of this writing.

Toronto Police told CTV News that no one has come forward to file a complaint.