The Punk Movement: 10 Years of British Punk Chronicled By Zines (PHOTOS)


Before there were blogs, zines were the greatest mode of self-published expression. If we're being loose with our interpretation, the origins of zines can wind all the way back to Thomas Paine's "Common Sense," but they first really gained momentum in the 1930s within the science fiction genre. One of the largest subcultures to put its mark on zines came years later, in the 1970s as part of the punk movement. Zines were a way for punks to circulate their thoughts, frustrations and of course, show flyers, in a forum that wasn't available in the mainstream media.

100 of these vintage zines have now been compiled into one volume, titled "100 Fanzines/10 Years of British Punk: 1976-1985," which will be on display and discussed by a panel of experts at the NY Art Book Fair starting on Sept. 30. Below, we've compiled a selection of images featured the book, from the groundswell of the punk movement in the UK. Click on, and let us know in the comments how the punk movement resonated with you.

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