Punked: Fox News Favorite James O'Keefe's Latest Escapade

Punked: Fox News Favorite James O'Keefe's Latest Escapade
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James O' Keefe dressed like a pimp and got a friend to dress like a whore to embarrass ACORN, an organization whose task is to help poor people. Since the allegedly edited tape made the rounds of right wing enclaves, Fox News has practically made him a saint. He's not a saint, he's a punk.

He and three of his fellow punks broke into Senator Mary Landrieu's office to "investigate" why constituents couldn't get through to her. He wanted to know why the phones were jammed, if they were in fact broken. He also said that it was okay to break into her federal office because he is an investigative reporter, and it is the people's office.

Listen up, chump:

1) Jammed means busy, as in the phone lines were "jammed," busy, too many calls. It doesn't mean broken, you yuppie chimp.

2) You are to investigative reporting what arthritis is to masturbation. You are a publicity hungry lump who has done nothing but hurt people. Woodward and Bernstein brought down a president, and they didn't have to break into anyone's office. They actually worked. You know what work is, right, punk? It's what you would have to do if you weren't a child of privilege.

3) So the punk thinks it's okay to illegally enter a federal office because it is the people's property? Then it must be okay to break into Senator Landrieu's home, because her taxpayer-funded salary pays for that. See how stupid and twisted your logic is?

4) So what could you have discovered in Landrieu's office? That her phone lines aren't broken? Oh, I smell a Pulitzer. Or is that just the stench of elitist do-nothings?

I don't think a punk like you will fare well in jail, and I am sure your rich friends will do what they can to make sure you don't do time. I promise you if a Black kid did what you did and stole a ream of paper, a Louisiana jury would send him to the pen. Instead of jail, how if the punk spends a year answering phones at an ACORN office,and if he screws it up, he does five years in a maximum security penitentiary. Or even something more frightening to a financially secure mump bump like O'Keefe: Get a real job. Punk.

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