German Shepherd Puppies And Newborn Mini-Pigs Make For The Greatest Of Friends (PHOTOS)

Friendship really knows no bounds.

These adorable German Shepherd puppies and mini Juliana pigs live together in Michigan. They're all raised inside and the pigs are litter box trained, and the group spends much of their early lives socializing and interacting with each other, which makes for some very happy baby animals.

These little guys only grow to be 30 to 45 pounds, but unfortunately some mini pigs don't stay mini for very long -- thousands of these animals could end up at shelters after they outgrow their homes, the Best Friends Animal Society warns. But if you're looking for a new companion of your own, traditional or barnyard, and ready for the responsibility, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or Farm Sanctuary.

For now, check out photos of the companions below -- you can follow their progress on both the puppies' and piglets' Facebook pages.



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