This Faux Frenchie Puppy Adorably Purring Like A Cat Will Make Your Month

Penelope is just too cute.

Don’t grow up too soon little girl!

This faux Frenchie puppy is apparently finding her voice, and being ridiculously cute in doing so. 

Check out Penelope from Pendleton in Oregon adorably squeaking, grunting and purring like a cat here:

The sweet pup, who goes by @penelopefauxfrenchie on Instagram, does the same in this other clip:

“She had a lot to say,” Penelope’s soon-to-be owner Andrea Neistadt told HuffPost via email this week.

Her family had been searching for a new puppy “for several months and we were on several waitlists,” she explained. “When we received pictures of Penelope, we instantly knew she was the pup for us.”

“I loved her photos but absolutely adored her in person,” added Neistadt, who filmed the clips when Penelope was just three weeks old and will welcome the dog into her home on Oct. 25. “Both the breeder and I laughed out loud when she started talking back.”