Pup Who Was Lit On Fire, Left In Walmart Dumpster Finds Home Thanks To Puppy Bowl

She'll get to watch herself compete on Sunday from the comfort of her new home.

This little pup is arguably ruff-er than any professional athlete competing this Super Bowl Sunday. 

Carolina is an American Staffordshire Terrier, and one of 49 rescue pups taking part in Puppy Bowl XII which will air on Animal Planet during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

But her road to athletic stardom hasn't been easy -- Carolina was initially found in a Walmart dumpster after having been lit on fire. She was taken in by the Mr. Bones & Company animal shelter in New York, where she was drafted to play in year's Puppy Bowl, according to the New York Post.

Carolina was lucky enough to find a forever home before her big TV debut. She was adopted by a couple from Stamford, Connecticut, shortly after the Puppy Bowl was taped.

This year, Animal Planet collaborated with 44 shelters across the country to recruit contenders for #TeamRuff and #TeamFlu. The event has shined a spotlight on rescue animals looking for a home since it first aired in 2005 and has connected animals who previously suffered abuse and neglect with new, loving owners. 

Not all of the pups in this year's bowl are as fortunate as Carolina, and many are still looking for homes. Thankfully, Animal Planet has compiled a list of pet adoption resources and shelters to guide potential owners through the adoption process.

We can't wait to watch Carolina compete this Sunday! Because, who cares about the Super Bowl, it's all about the Puppy Bowl. 

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