Puppy Brought To Animal Shelter In Cereal Box Has Found A New Home

Razz Berry the dog was dropped at California's Riverside County Animal Services covered in fleas, but now she's living the good life.

A sweet puppy dropped off at a California animal shelter inside a cereal box now has much more comfortable quarters.

puppy cereal box
puppy cereal box
Riverside County Animal Services

Last week, Riverside County Animal Services posted an adorable photo of what it called “one of the oddest ways a pet came to us as an over-the-counter dropoff” ― a puppy squeezed into a Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries box and brought to one of the organization’s shelters in Jurupa Valley.

The female puppy, named Razz Berry at the shelter, had a severe case of the fleas, and shelter staff believes that the woman who brought the dog in put her in the box to avoid getting fleas on herself, animal services spokesman John Welsh told HuffPost.

The woman said she found the puppy in a dog park. However, Welsh added that some staff suspects Razz Berry was actually “one of a litter of pups she was selling online” but that the woman “did not want to deal with the fleas.”

puppy in cereal box razz berry
puppy in cereal box razz berry
Riverside County Animal Services

Either way, Razz Berry’s good looks and delightful personality meant that she was in high demand among those looking to adopt at the shelter. Welsh described her as playful and energetic, and noted that she “loves to be held.” Though Razz Berry is estimated to be about 9 weeks old, she likely “won’t get too much larger,” Welsh said.

On Saturday, Razz Berry found her new home with a local family whose beloved dog had died the same day they first saw a story about Razz Berry in the news, People reported.

If a photo that animal services tweeted out on Wednesday is any indication, Razz Berry is settling in well in her life.

Plus, some of the people who came to the shelter because of Razz Berry ended up adopting other pets in need of homes, a news release said, leading to a “win-win for the four-leggers here in Riverside County.”

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