Abandoned Pup Recovering From Mange Couldn't Be More Excited To Reunite With His Rescuer

It's those who help us during our darkest hours that we love and remember most.

And Mojo, a pit bull Amstaff mix who is now just shy of his 2nd birthday, looks to Joey Wagner of the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia with this exact kind of gratitude. The puppy was surrendered to Wagner's shelter in 2013, suffering from such a serious case of mange that all of his hair had fallen out, he was covered in sores and he was barely able to eat. Wagner knew just how sick the pup was, but also knew he deserved a fighting chance.

"The look he gave me, I knew that he wanted to live," Wagner told CBC News. "So, we did everything we could."

After turning Mojo over to veterinarians at the Atlantic Vet College, Wagner took to Facebook to not only rally financial support for Mojo during his tough medical recovery, but also document the emotional journey the two have shared since he met the abandoned and incredibly sick 3-month-old puppy that January.

When he returned to visit Mojo at the clinic, Wagner surprised the veterinarians with just how well Mojo remembered him, reported Fox News. Mojo officially joined the Wagner family the day after Valentine's Day last year, once he was healthy and strong enough to leave the clinic, according to their Facebook page.

The video of their reunion last year resurfaced recently, filling our hearts with happiness for the kind rescuer who cared enough to help Mojo and the now-healthy and happy dog.



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