This Puppy Monkey Baby Is Freaking Super Bowl Viewers Out

There's a line between cute and horrifying. That line was crossed.

Mountain Dew? How about Mountain Don't.

The soda company produced one of the most disturbing commercials of Super Bowl 50 with its terrifying puppy-monkey-baby hybrid.

The Super Bowl spot, which promotes the company's new drink, Kickstart, is like something out of your worst nightmare. Seriously ...

It definitely got people talking. The drink, which is a combination of Dew, juice and caffeine, reminds us of Four Loko without the alcohol.

Mountain Dew also included the creature in a series of tweets throughout the rest of the Super Bowl:

#PuppyMonkeyBaby quickly became a trending Twitter topic, and most agreed on one thing: there's a line between cute and horrifying.

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