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Watch This Definitive Proof That Puppies Are The World's Best Gifts


When it comes to picking the perfect holiday present, there’s one gift that no trendy toy or video game system can beat: A puppy.

Watch the above video compilation of people of all ages, crying tears of happiness after receiving their new best friends. We’d be surprised if you can make it through the whole thing without getting a little misty-eyed yourself.

And if all the joy makes you want to hand over a loveable pooch to someone special this winter, the ASPCA is a great place to start. Not only will you be giving companionship to a loved one, but you’ll be giving the dog a forever home where they can spend many happy holidays to come.

UPDATE: Though some frown upon giving pets as gifts, the ASPCA points out that it's not a harmful practice:
In a scientific study conducted earlier this year and published in October, the ASPCA found that 96 percent of people who received pets as gifts reported it either increased or had no impact on their love or attachment to that pet. Also, 86 percent of the pets in the study are still in the home, a number roughly equivalent with the percentage of pets retained following a routine adoption.

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