Puppy With Skin Infection Rescued From Euthanization, Makes Stunning Recovery

This sweet pup named Kristy is now looking more like the beauty queen she was always destined to be, thanks to one rescue organization. 

Vet Ranch, a nonprofit in Texas, rescued her just before she was scheduled to be euthanized at a kill shelter, at which point Kristy was in bad shape. She had several health issues including mange, a severe skin infection, along with intestinal fleas and parasites.

But with the help of Dr. Karri McCreary from Vet Ranch -- who thought Kristy had a fighting chance -- the pup completely transformed in just a few weeks, Inside Edition reported. The stunning change was also documented in the nonprofit's video posted above, which was recently uploaded to YouTube. 

“There is a point where you can tell these animals have accepted their fate and given up hope. She was there. Scared and depressed," McCreary, told Inside Edition of Kristy's journey. "It only took a few days of attention for her to realize we were there to help and she turned into a puppy again!"

In the video, Kristy starts off timid and looking very ill. After a bath, the pup, who likely hadn't received any warmth for quite some time, can be seen immediately dozing off. But doesn't take long for the pup's spirits to improve, and after just three weeks of baths, medication, and lots of love, Kristy turns into the playful pup she was always meant to be.

The end of the video shows the pooch after about 8 weeks of TLC. By then, she's a brand new gal! 

With all the progress she's made, Kristy's will soon embark on a new chapter of her life. She is currently looking for a permanent home through rescue organization The Chick With Pits

To learn more about Vet Ranch, visit their website here, and to learn more about The Chick With Pits, check out their website here

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