Puppy-Throwing Jogger Arrested After Security Camera Catches Him Tossing Dogs (VIDEO)

Jogger Arrested For Throwing Puppies

A unidentified man in southern Italy provoked outrage online this week after he threw three puppies over a fence during a run through the town of Lecce.

Fortunately, the man's act was caught on camera, and police were able to identify the puppy-throwing jogger as a 55-year-old resident after the footage was posted on YouTube, Italy's The Local reports.

In the security footage, captured early Sunday evening, a figure throws the three small animals over a fence. After the first puppy lands on the ground, two other dogs race down the property and appear to check on the pup. When another puppy bounds down the street toward the man, he again bends down to scoop up the dog and tosses it over the fence into a parked trailer.

A few minutes later, the man runs back into view and appears to motion at something out of sight. He then strolls up the path with another pup in his hands and walks to the same spot before flinging the the third dog over the barrier.

According to local reports, the man told police he threw the dogs after he became annoyed while jogging.

The puppies suffered some injuries, but all three survived. They are currently being cared for by the owner of the property where they were thrown.

Watch the graphic video of the jogger's offense below.

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