PuppyText Font Lets You Write In Labrador Puppies

Ever thought, "This message is so cute I wish I could say it in puppies?"

Well, the creators of PuppyText certainly did, as evidenced by their new font made up entirely of chocolate Labs .

It's a simple concept, really. The site's "About" section explains:

There is nothing complex about this site. This site lets you send a message to your friends written in puppies. And everyone loves puppies.

"No puppies were harmed in the making of this site," the page adds.

So far, PuppyText has its own Facebook page, iPhone app and nifty puppy-writing website where visitors can type in any message and see it magically transformed into lines of cuddling pups. (Giggles and exclamations of "awwwww" so far not included.)

While other sites have attempted to create various puppy fonts, this may well be the first font to use real puppies as part of the lettering.

PuppyText is the canine incarnation of a new theme in font creators, where messages are created from objects. The UK-based site, for example, uses a database of actual letter-shaped galaxies to spell out words and phrases for all the astronomy lovers out there. The "font" can be a little hard to make out, but the concept is still pretty cool.

One thing's for sure, this is a text that font impersonator Jon Garcia could definitely nail.