Girl In Puppy Throwing Video Found By Bosnian Police

Girl In Infamous Puppy Throwing Video Found By Police

(AP) SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Police in Bosnia say they believe they have located a young woman shown in a video throwing puppies into a river. (Scroll down for video)

Police in the central Bosnian town of Bugojno said Friday they have found the girl they suspect is seen on the video killing six newborn puppies by throwing them into the river one by one.

The disturbing video provoked worldwide outrage after being posted online earlier this week.Police say they have located the girl, who is a juvenile, from leads given by animal protection groups in the country.

The girl's parents will soon be questioned, police said. Under recently adopted animal protection law, people can be fined up to euro5,000 ($6,400) for cruel treatment of animals.

Watch the infamous video (warning: contains graphic scenes of presumed animal cruelty):

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