This Makeup Palette Has A Game-Changing Little Secret

02/16/2017 03:45pm ET

It’s always exciting when makeup products reveal a hidden feature. And this one’s a portable game-changer.

Pur Cosmetics’ genius new palette makes on-the-go application WAY easier. Pull its mirror upward, and the palette becomes the mini-vanity of your dreams, as Refinery29 editor Kelsey Castanon demonstrated on Twitter.

The Pur “Vanity” palette comes with blush, bronzer, highlighter and four eyeshadows, and is available in two different colorways: the smokey Goal Digger or the peachy, neutral Dream Chaser. One top of that, both have the “oversized” mirror that turns the simple packaging into a “portable vanity case,” according to Pur.

The Goal Digger, left, and Dream Chaser palettes. 

The palettes are available for $36 each on Pur’s website.