11 Things You Should Definitely Purge From Your Childhood Bedroom

The time has come.

Nostalgia is great and all, but it's time to clean out your childhood bedroom. That means trash the *NSYNC posters... and the term papers, the magazine collections, the CDs your middle school boyfriend gave you and any and all cassette tapes. Especially since your parents probably want to use the space for a workout room.

Sure, you can keep the sentimental things. But do you really need them? Remember this rule while going through your stuff: if an item is covered in dust and you didn't even know you had it, donate it or throw it away.

If you're already overwhelmed by the idea of spending a few hours cleaning out your room, here's where you should start:

DVDs, CDs and cassette tapes
Michael Wildsmith via Getty Images
These will not be valuable one day.
School stuff
Jorg Greuel via Getty Images
If you're super proud of that paper you wrote on the French Revolution in college, fine, save it. But keeping binders and binders of "stuff" you completed between second grade and high school graduation makes no sense. Pick a few things that mean a lot to you, and get rid of the rest.
Eric Audras via Getty Images
Those stuffed animals with their eyes hanging out are not doing you any favors. One exception: the teddy bear you've had since your newborn days, that is special.
Old magazines
Christian Müller via Getty Images
You do know that paper attracts bugs and that your favorite magazine article is probably on the Internet, right?
Your childhood art projects
Jon Schulte via Getty Images
That bald eagle clay sculpture you made in seventh grade doesn't exactly make for great home decor, so toss it. If there's a drawing or two that's special to you, keep them. But again, stacks of construction paper collecting dust in a corner can go.
Kitschy furniture
Bean bags are comfy, yes, but that thing has to be at least a decade old. And the lava lamp was a fun phase of life but again, no reason to keep it.
Gabrielle Revere via Getty Images
Dear Diary, being 9-years-old was tough, but experiencing adulthood is even harder. We love journaling, but how many times are you going to read about your school crushes?
Greg Ceo via Getty Images
Little League is over and so is your softball career.
Old costume (and candy) jewelry
Charles Nesbit via Getty Images
OK, that candy necklace is bad and you know it.
Glow Images, Inc via Getty Images
If it doesn't fit, donate it. It's that simple!

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