9 Items Every Woman Should Purge From Her Closet Immediately

It's time.

Everyone accumulates more stuff over the holidays, so what better time to do a closet purge than the present?

This closet clean-out we're suggesting doesn't need to take a long time. In fact, we aren't suggesting that you painstakingly go through every item -- we'll gladly put that off until spring -- but there are a few things you should throw away right now.

Here are 9 items that every woman should purge from her closet immediately. We're willing to bet that you are guilty of hoarding at least a few of the pieces below:

1. Any shirt with sweat stains. Or really any stain, for that matter.

2. Ripped tights. It will save you so much time in the morning if all the tights in your closet are whole and presentable.

3. Ratty underwear. You know exactly what we're talking about. If you would be embarrassed to have anyone else see them, toss them.

4. Shoes that have seen better days. You know, the ones that are a different color than when you bought them.

5. Any strapless bra that doesn't stay up. No one has time for that.

6. Sweaters that are pilling beyond repair. No sweater shaver is going to save you now.

7. Every piece of jewelry that turns your skin green.

8. That bridesmaid dress that is sitting at the back of your closet because you'll never wear again. Sell it, make some money.

9. Those jeans that don't quite fit you anymore. Trust us, they are not worth the headache.

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