Purple UFO Interrupts Peru TV Show

Purple UFO Interrupts Peru TV Show

A television production crew in Lima, Peru, videotaped a purple-colored disc-shaped UFO hovering in the distant sky near a construction site. So far, there's no official explanation for the object.

According to Peru This Week, television show "Alto al Crimen" was shooting an episode in the upscale Miraflores district of Lima on Feb. 10. The show's host, Lima Congressman Renzo Reggiardo, halted an interview to allow his camera operator to focus on the strange-looking purple object in the sky.

Watch this video of the purple Peru UFO:

Both distant and zoomed-in perspectives of the UFO reveal a saucer-shaped object, with a large central bright purple section, tapering off on either end. The extreme right end appears almost black in color, while the opposite end seems to be a darker purple shade than the center part of the object. The video also reveals that sometimes the two dark ends appear to become smaller and larger.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the aerial object for up to two hours, and yet, no video has emerged showing how the UFO left the scene. So, the question remains: How, exactly, did it go away? Did it fall to the ground, float away or speed up and vanish over the nearby ocean? Or perhaps (as in some UFO reports over the years), did it simply vanish?

The Peru chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is investigating this case, seeking more eyewitnesses who may have videotaped the purple aerial object from different vantage points.

The image below shows the Miraflores area of Lima, Peru, bordering the Pacific Ocean, where the UFO was seen.


Some possible explanations, according to MUFONPeru.org include a drone or a kite.

The following composite image shows the object in two positions beyond the construction site where it was spotted by eyewitnesses.


CORRECTION: This post initially mistranslated the title of the Peruvian television show.

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