Purpose, Dreams and Goals

The wisdom principle of planning is vital to true success and achievement. The Book of Proverbs, mostly written by one whose accomplishments speaks volumes, so that we need not doubt the accuracy of his advice, teaches that we should plan our steps, and ensure that they are done with God's guidance and wisdom. Planning ensures that we are able to focus upon a worthy goal or dream and remain focus until the completion of the same. Planning is right at the beginning stage of all noteworthy accomplishments.

First we need to have a dream, that is, a vision for our lives. Then we need to develop a vision plan, also known as goals as to how we will reach the fulfillment of our dreams, one step at a time. The greater the vision, the more elaborate the goals and steps should be to reaching our God-ordained mark.

Planning, as some professionals are quick to point out, can prove to be time consuming and mentally exhausting. This is because planning involves thinking, reasoning and being strategic. If we are going to be successful at anything, we need a plan.

Solomon reveals that it is up to us to devise a plan, and let God direct our steps, particularly when it comes to things we would like to achieve for ourselves, our families and our generations to come.

Some plans are short-term, meaning that with due diligence and focus, we can accomplish them in a short frame of time. Others may take years of work and persistence to see them realized. But if the plans are valuable to you, then you should keep at it until you accomplish it.

There is much that can be said about the advantages of planning and how to plan. But here are just a few suggestions:

Ensure that you know what you want out of life. What do you want to do? What do you want to attain? What do you desire to experience and enjoy in life? What is your God-given dream? What vision stirs within your spirit consistently, and you dream about all the time? Is it wholesome, descent, godly and possible? Then begin making plans to be that, do that, have that. And begin making those plans now. Refuse to procrastinate. Begin right away.

Ensure that your plans are not beyond your reach to begin to implement right away. In other words, make your plans doable. Set them in such a way that you can start putting your plan into action right away. There is a reason for this: When plans are made in such a manner that they over-whelm you, your energy gets drain just thinking about them. You will find yourself wanting to avoid beginning at all costs and with a whole lot of excuses. Making the plans workable from the get-go ensures that you stay pumped up and ready for action.

Write your plans down. This is such an important point. Even the Sacred Scriptures admonished a prophet of God to, "Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it." (Habakkuk 2:2, The Holy Bible) Writing your plans will help to ensure that you remain focus upon your goals. What you write, you can remember, because you can always go back and look it at. Focused people reach their goals, because they refuse to be distracted. They keep their plans before them, day and night.

Do you really want to be successful? Do you want to win in life? Then do what the winners do. Get a vision for your life. Make your plans. And keep them before you.