Purposeful Plans Plan Purposefully.

All of us make plans, right? Many of us make lots and lots of plans. Quite a few of us make plans but without execution on any of them. Plans sometimes become difficult to execute when they aren’t on purpose. I don’t mean ‘on purpose’ as in done or created on purpose. I mean NOT ‘on purpose’ in the sense that those plans do not line up with our overall life purposes. Here’s an example, let’s say you make plans to start a workout or diet plan. Then, you start to experience resistance, friction, anger and resentment regarding those plans because you didn’t attach or line up an overall life purpose to those plans. You have plans but no purpose.

“You purpose will find you!”

When you’re feeling doubt regarding your plans, it may be because you weren’t clear on your purpose. Clarity of purpose makes one’s plans a means to an end. When you start to feel doubt surrounding your plans, get clear on your path. When you start to feel doubt on your path, get clear on your purpose. When you scrap your plans only to come up with new plans that you’re sure to not execute, get clear on your purpose. If your purpose is to live a healthy and well lifestyle, so that you can effortless share all your love, gifts and talents, then plans will come and go but they won’t distract you from your purpose because the purpose is clear. Crystal! Pathways and plans are meant to be adjusted, tweaked, altered, canceled and rerouted as long as they’re moving you along your purposeful journey or providing contrast for you to gain more clarity. If you’re stuck on the plans, you’re plagued by the pathway, you’re distracted about the timeframe or goal or signposts, it may simply be because you failed to get clear on your purpose. Live purposefully and your life will be filled with lots and lots and lots of plans and pathways and you will soon fall in love with the journey adventure of those plans and pathways, in and of itself.

“You won’t have to find your purpose.”

When your purpose is strong enough, your plans won’t need to be and you won’t have to be so hard on yourself for not following or breaking those plans. You’ll see! Try it! But first, spend all the time you need getting clear on your purpose. You won’t have to find your purpose. Your purpose will find you! As a matter of fact, I AM almost certain your purpose has already located you. You’ll know when you’ve got it because you’ll feel it deep within your Soul…connected to your Spirit and intuitively within your body. Purposeful plans plan purposefully. Love.Light.Peace&Power.

Dr. Curt coach, counsel and consult with creative people toward their own greatness using Passion, Purpose, Power and Presence. Find him online at www.youareyourownsoulution.com and on all social mediums.

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