Purritos = Cats, Burritos, The Internet. All Our Favorite Things

In case you haven't heard yet, the new cat-fad on the Internet these days is the purrito!

Purritos are pictures of cats rolled up like little purring burritos. Only, sometimes with less purring from the bundled kitties and more dirty looks.

Feast your eyes on some of these adorable, non-edible cat burritos.

Like so many great things on the Internet, purritos were turned into a meme:

Purritos pic.twitter.com/1gC144umrA

— Cat (@CraveMyCats) March 17, 2014

People quickly picked it up and ran with it:

Purritos come in all different shapes and sizes. Like this large one ...

... and this bite-sized purrito!

Her happy place! #CinemasHashtag #purrito pic.twitter.com/knATnfWziX

— Mallorie (@MalGal05) April 23, 2014


While some cats look less than pleased to be purrito-ed, we sure enjoy it.


What cute animal trend will be next after purritos? No one can say for sure, but we hope it's pupitos!

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