Purse Snatcher Messed With The Wrong Damn 86-Year-Old

"She wanted to hurt me and the b**** don't even know me!"

An alleged New York purse-snatcher got what was coming to her after she tried to rob an 86-year-old woman in a wheelchair. Bernice Starnes says she was sitting outside her Bronx apartment Sunday afternoon when a woman approached to make some polite small talk before grabbing her purse and running off.

The octogenarian says she was unable to chase the woman, but still got to have her moment in telling the thief off in a spunky interview with PIX 11 News. 

“She wanted to hurt me and the b**** don’t even know me,” Starnes told the news station.

Luckily for Starnes, the entire encounter was caught on surveillance video and police were able to ID the suspect. Thirty-seven-year-old Adrianne Terry was arrested and charged with grand and petit larceny. Though the suspect denied the crime to news crews, Starnes isn’t having any of it. 

She plans to attend the arraignment and says she hopes the woman is in jail “for the rest of her freaking life.” 

Starnes clearly wasn’t impressed that the suspect tried to take advantage of her age.

“I’m 86-years-old, I’m not exactly a spring chicken,” Starnes told CBS New York. “Why would you want to rob me? I’m in a damn wheelchair.”

Seriously, robbers. You should know better than to mess with older people. In another case, an 81-year-old woman chased down purse snatchers by slamming into their getaway car earlier this year. And we’ll never forget the 92-year-old woman who kicked a home intruder right in the face. 



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